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Writing that has been included in a print edition of a newspaper or other publication.

My Texas Barbecue Piece in the New York Times

Hill Country Barbecue – Market in NYC I have an article in the Texas edition of the New York Times this Sunday. It’s available on the New York times website – When You Can Take the Barbecue Out of Texas … Continue reading

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Ocean-to-Table Seafood with Gulf Wild

Red Snapper. Photo: Gulf Wild Can you taste the difference between red snapper and tilapia? For the average diner, probably not. And given the traditionally exotic preparations of some seafood dishes in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana – snapper pontchartrain, … Continue reading

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Traditional East Texas barbecue links in Houston

Broussard’s Links + Ribs If an enterprising food historian ever decided to do a definitive history of Texas barbecue, the subject of sausage links would undoubtedly fill a whole volume. Unlike other barbecue staples like beef brisket and pork ribs … Continue reading

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Neapolitan-style pizza comes to West Houston

Pizza Margherita at Pizaro’s It’s hard to explain the fanatical attraction of Neapolitan-style pizza. For Americans raised on spongy-crusted, fast-food pizzas smothered in gaudy toppings, the subtlety and nuance of Pizza Napoletana can be hard to grasp. It doesn’t look … Continue reading

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Tagliatelle alla Bolognese at Giacomo’s

Tagliatelle alla bolognese at Giacomo’s The diversification of Italian cuisine as it gained popularity and spread throughout the world after World War II is well-documented. For example, “Italian-American” cuisine is best represented by the iconic “Spaghetti and meatballs” which, although … Continue reading

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