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My Texas Barbecue Piece in the New York Times

Hill Country Barbecue – Market in NYC I have an article in the Texas edition of the New York Times this Sunday. It’s available on the New York times website – When You Can Take the Barbecue Out of Texas … Continue reading

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Best Food Writing: February 2009

National/International Is Food the New Sex? Mary Eberstadt — Policy Review God I wish I had written this article. Anyone who even casually writes about food should aspire to this level of incisiveness. Even that august sage George F. Will … Continue reading

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Link Feast: 2.20.09

The slow death of Slow Food UK – I’ve always found the Slow Food movement to be a bit eccentric — not elitist mind you, just quirky and disorganized. I much prefer the term “local food” which is too often … Continue reading

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Link Feast: 2.13.09

The Maggots in Your Mushrooms – Food safety isn’t perfect. Occasionally you’re going to have a little extra protein in that salad in the form of a critter. The amazing thing is the FDA has an elaborate specification for how … Continue reading

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Link Feast: 2.6.09

Getting the City to Eat More Vegetables – NYC considering tax and zoning incentives for farmers markets and community gardens, restrictions for fast food restaurants. Bush War on Roquefort Raises a Stink in France – Why does George Bush want … Continue reading

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