Link Feast: 2.20.09

The slow death of Slow Food UK – I’ve always found the Slow Food movement to be a bit eccentric — not elitist mind you, just quirky and disorganized. I much prefer the term “local food” which is too often associated with Slow Food, to its detriment in my opinion.

Cooking Without Shopping – I’ve always suspected that the typical American household is over-provisioned foodwise. This project will take what you have in your fridge/pantry right now and cook that over the next week without restocking.

Burger Bound, From Corner to Shack – Houston food critics’ obsession with burgers has been well noted. Now it seems like the siren song of the great American dish has arrived in New York City — Frank Bruni gives his take on 2 of NYC’s most revered burger joints. Stunningly, Mr. Bruni allows that this was his first visit to Corner Bistro.

Obama Sushi – Is there no end to all things Obama and food? You must admit that this sushi creation is remarkable.

Is Foie Gras Torture? – Once you get past the PETA propaganda and actually do some investigation, you may find that the production of foie gras is not all that bad.

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2 Responses to Link Feast: 2.20.09

  1. jodycakes says:

    Obama sushi…pretty cool.

  2. Cory says:

    Slow food is a mystery to me. I understand wanting to eat locally sourced, organic food, that’s how I live my life. But the slow food movement always seemed to be more abstract, something that was just out of reach for most people.

    When I was in London we stumbled across a slow food farmer’s market, it was pretty nice. Most people were ignoring the actual Slow Food UK booth however in favor of the food vendors.

    Farmer’s markets, organic foods and “slow” foods are by their nature expensive. The problem that I have is when those who can afford to shop that way look down on those who can’t.

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