Link Feast: 2.6.09

Getting the City to Eat More Vegetables – NYC considering tax and zoning incentives for farmers markets and community gardens, restrictions for fast food restaurants.

Bush War on Roquefort Raises a Stink in France – Why does George Bush want to prevent me from eating Roquefort cheese? Good God man!

Fine-dining establishments put the recession on their menus – There’s good news and bad news for foodies: the good news is some of the best restaurants are offering incredible discounts. The bad news is some of them may not be open much longer. More here.

Running on empty: the pros and cons of fasting
– For an overfed and overweight foodie this is the nuclear option. Admit it — you’ve thought about it, right?

Schnitzel off the menu as Germans are told to cut down on eating meat – Something tells me this “strong advisory” isnt going to work. At least they can say they tried.

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2 Responses to Link Feast: 2.6.09

  1. jodycakes says:

    Glad I got to read link about fasting, per our convos on taco truck crawl…very interesting. I used to fast twice a year, as a cleanse/detox – about 4 years ago, cut back to once a year.

    “There is something kind of magical about starvation,” says Dr. Marc Hellerstein, a professor of endocrinology, metabolism and nutrition at UC Berkeley, who studies fasting…

    Is that for reals??? What kind of statement is that…Magical? Wonder what he must think of colonics…Wow.

  2. Houston Foodie says:

    After you get over the initial fasting pangs of hunger, maybe 24 hours or so, there is a sense of peace and zen that kicks in. Probably your body eating itself.

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