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Fried Pork Chop Sandwich at Burt’s Meat Market

Fried pork chop “sandwich” at Burt’s Meat Market The fried pork chop sandwich at Burt’s Meat Market is a misnomer really. It’s a pork chop alright, lightly tenderized, coated in batter, deep fried and served in a paper tray with … Continue reading

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Courtbouillon: A Cajun Classic

The French culinary term “court bouillon” (or court-bouillon) conjures images of royalty and kings (court) as well as wealth and gold (bouillon). In reality, of course, it is something far more mundane, loosely translating to “quick broth.” Courtbouillon at Danton’s … Continue reading

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A Catfish Out of Water

There’s a Texas A&M banner hanging over the door to the restrooms at Lafayette Cajun Seafood Restaurant. It’s only one example of the endearing quirkiness of this Cajun seafood restaurant located in a crazy-quilt neighborhood surrounding the intersection of West … Continue reading

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