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New Ruggles Grill: Southwest meets Slow Food

Back in the day, Ruggles Grill was big. Big food with big flavor served in big portions to big people with big hair who drove big cars and lived in big houses. The Ruggles Grill It was richly rewarded with … Continue reading

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Food Fight 24/7! Biba’s vs. Katz’s

Biba’s One’s A Meal lands right in the middle of lower Westheimer, taking on not just one, but two, neighborhood heavyweights. What’s not to love about Biba’s One’s A Meal? It is, after all, a Houston institution. John Katsimikis has … Continue reading

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Felix Mexican Restaurant: Old school, no reservations, no apologies

“I remember eating there when I was a kid!” This is the initial response when I invite my thirtysomething friends to dinner at Felix Mexican Restaurant. But this is usually followed by, “Let’s go somewhere else.” Indeed, dining at Felix … Continue reading

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Chapultepec Lupita: No flan for you!

Chapultepec Lupita serves up great margaritas, great salsa, great food and great atmosphere. Just don’t ask for any dessert. Tex-mex restaurants are to Houston what Ray’s Pizzerias are to NYC–seems like there’s one on every corner. So how does the … Continue reading

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Cafe Montrose: Pulling mussels from a shell

That perennial understudy of Gulf Coast seafood, the lowly mussel, takes center stage at Cafe Montrose and turns in a command performance. Pity the poor Texas mussel. Constantly playing second-fiddle to other more popular molluscs like clams and oysters, not … Continue reading

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