Link Feast: 12.26.08

Sun to set on P & G Cafe, at least for now – I used to live a few buildings down from this place and spent many hours of my misspent youth here sipping from a glass of Bass or Guinness on tap. It may live on, but can never be the same.

Food Photography for Bloggers – Everything the food blogger always wanted to know about photography but was afraid to ask. In other words, how to create high-quality food porn.

Obama Foodarama – If it has anything to do with 1) Obama and 2) food, then you’ll find it here. An unexpectedly fascinating read. Kudos to you sir!

Dozens sickened at county health department’s Christmas party
– This can’t be good for business.

American women are catching up with men in their alcohol consumptionThis can only be good news for guys like me. I decided. Also, the part where the writer states “Fortunately, I didn’t spend my entire sex work career in a champagne club” caught my eye and added a whole new spin to the article.

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