2009: The Year of the Foodie

Tim Hayward decided!

What not to miss in 2009

For as long as we can remember, the aspirational figures in society have been business people, shouting into mobiles, moving money around, bustling here and there and “generating wealth”. They’ve filled our TV screens, been the dominant trope of advertising and even been co-opted by government as role models. Well, they’ve had a go and they’ve stuffed it up. No one wants a businessperson now; but someone who can make a comforting meal, can feed a family, can nurture a stockpot and convert leftovers into meals is beginning to look positively heroic. You may have noticed that some foodies quite like the idea of recession. We come into our own when people need thrift, ingenuity, nourishment and cheap comfort – in fact, we get quite unbearably smug. Oh yes, our time has come. No longer the quiet, slightly overweight obsessives in the pinnies, in 2009 we fervently believe, foodies will take their rightful place as the new Masters of the Universe.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Happy New Year to all,
Houston Foodie <- Tongue, as always, firmly in cheek

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