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The Pass
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The Pass at The Pass & Provisions may be the most ambitious restaurant ever opened in Houston. Am I late to this? I had not really followed the two chefs when they did the “Just August” dinners here a while back. I’ve been to the Provisions side of this restaurant a couple times and thought it was great. Then I received a last-minute invitation to The Pass, which I think had only been open a couple days. I really had no idea what to expect.

Then, a few courses into the dinner, I thought to myself, “Oh, I see what they’re doing.” Both my dining companion and I had separately visited Michelin-starred restaurants in the last few months, and we both realized that The Pass is very much trying to bring a Michelin-style, world-class dining experience to Houston. And I’m not referring to the wacky, pie-in-the-sky plans often associated with high-end dining in Houston. These chefs have the talent and global experience to actually make it happen. This is ambitious, and welcomed.

There will be a lot of “first look” blog posts from various sources in the coming weeks, so I’ll skip the details for now, other than to say that the conception and technical execution of the dishes I sampled were the best I’ve experienced in Houston, and probably Texas. Here’s to hoping the Houston food community recognizes and appreciates what the chefs are trying to achieve at The Pass.

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  1. you chopped off the price on the menu…boo.

  2. brknkls says:

    Hi guys! I’m asking this of you wonderful few who have had already eaten at The Pass so I apologize in advance if you notice this on a few blogs. I’m coming to Houston on Wednesday and will be going to Uchi for dinner that night and then I need to decide between Oxheart & The Pass. Which should I choose? Thanks in advance.

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