Link Feast: 1.9.09

Not on the List? The Truth about Impulse Purchases – We all know why the milk is located in the farthest reaches of our local supermarket (so you’ll buy more stuff on the way). This study questions that assumption.

Per Se (New York, NY) – One foodie’s photo essay of a dinner at Per Se. Nice pics and writeup.

Saving a Squirrel by Eating One – It’s impossible to butcher, funkily flavored, and difficult to eat. And yet squirrel is the hottest dish in Britain.

Corrigan’s Mayfair: Wine List – Reading and collecting wine lists are well-known passions for many foodies and oenophiles. Here’s one of the more creative wine lists available on the Internet. From one of the chi-chi-est restaurants in London.

3rd Rock From The Sun – Dick tips
– Every waiters nightmare! Full video below:

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