Link Feast: 1.16.09

Why Gordon’s so camera shy – Gordo refuses to take pictures with female fans. If only I had such a problem…

5600 Cupcake Installation of Obama and Lincoln – Obama and cupcakes. Cupcakes and Obama. ‘Nuff said.

Chewing the Fat: Batali and Bourdain on Sex
– Food and sex should be separated like church and state? Anthony Bourdain decided. WTF Bourdain?

This Is Goodbye to Gourmet, Maybe
– Oh.How.The.Mighty.Have.Fallen.

How to Catch a Critic – NY restaurant PR firm selling a facebook (no, not that Facebook, a photo album rather) of prominent food critics. Anybody who has worked at a NY restaurant knows exactly what’s posted on the bulletin board back of house.

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2 Responses to Link Feast: 1.16.09

  1. Jody Stevens (Flood) says:

    Darn it…just renewed my subscription with Gourmet…and they cashed the check tout de suite!
    Oh well…
    Good info~

  2. Houston Foodie says:

    Alot of newspapers and magazines are crying wolf these days. Hard to tell which are really in trouble and which just want a bailout. Gourmet may survive…who knows.

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