Link Feast: 12.19.08 (Cheese bail-out edition)

Bail-out fever has crossed the pond. If the price of a Parmesan wheel is so low, why am I still paying $20/pound at Central Market?

Hard Times for Parmigiano Makers
– The Parmesan cheese industry is not too big to fail, it’s too important to fail.

Italy’s “king of cheese” in crisis plea on prices
– Interesting economic analysis. Costs ~$6/pound to produce? And retail price is $20/pound? And they still can’t make money? Where’s all that money going?

Rules for making Parmesan cheese – The Italian government decided. Those are some happy cows!

An Italian cheese war has broken out – The Times of London frames it as another example in a long-running north-south Italian feud.

Il governo acquista parmigiano e grana – The original report (in Italiano).

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