Featuring Gatlin’s BBQ on Fox 26

The very nice people at Fox 26 asked me to stand in front of a camera and talk about Houston food. I suggested we visit Gatlin’s BBQ. Here’s the result. Thanks to the folks at Fox 26 for putting the piece together and to Greg Gatlin for the delicious barbecue and great interview.

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6 Responses to Featuring Gatlin’s BBQ on Fox 26

  1. Ray says:

    Okay J.C., so Gatlin’s is your #1 for H-Town so far. Give me your top 5, in order. I’m planning on visiting Houston in the next few weeks and I need some ideas. I really wanna hit up Virgie’s.

  2. J.C. Reid says:

    Well I can give you top 5, but not necessarily in order. Any of these 5 can produce the best Houston BBQ on any given day.

    1. Gatlin’s
    2. Pierson’s
    3. Rudy’s (290)
    4. Lenox
    5. Virgie’s

    If you visit, be sure and call ahead to make sure they are open.

  3. Ray says:

    Thanks for the response J.C. I’m becoming a fan of your website and I appreciate your search for good-quality Houston bbq. I tried Pierson’s the last time I was in Houston for my cousin’s graduation at TSU and I was kinda disappointed in his bbq. Maybe I need to give him another shot. However, your top 5 has re-affirmed my interest in Virgie’s. Daniel Vaughn at FCG BBQ gave them 5 stars. If not Virgie’s, I may hit up either Gatlin’s, Burn’s Old Fashioned Pit on Antoine, or Triple J’s in Kashmere Gardens on my next trip to Houston.

    I want to give you a suggestion to add onto your Houston BBQ Project map. It’s this place on Hiram Clarke called Two Brothers Smokin Oak Kitchen. I’m not really familiar with Houston but I think it’s inside Beltway 8. It’s on Hiram Clarke south of Main. I’ve wanted to try it the last several times I was in H-Town but I never got the chance to give it a shot.

    They use to be located in the 3rd Ward about 6 or 7 years ago but relocated to Hiram Clarke. It’s a side of the road operation. They have a trailer in a gas station parking lot, if I remember correctly. The website I posted is a review done by Chili Bob’s Houston Eats from 2009. He reviewed 3 eateries in south Houston, 2 of which were Mexican/taqueria eateries. The last part of the review involves Two Brothers Smokin Oak Kitchen.

  4. Ray says:

    Oops, I accidentally posted Chili Bob’s Houston Eats review of Two Brothers Smokin Oak Kitchen under my name. Here is the link below.


  5. J.C. Reid says:

    Thanks for the rec on Two Brothers. Will definitely check it out.

  6. I confess I’ve not been there. Will correct that for sure. Great reportage!!!

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