Best Food Writing: January 2009


Besotted — Etymologically, That Is

Iain Gately — The New York Times
The English language has the richest vocabulary to describe the effects of drunkenness on human behavior. I wonder why?

The Fab Four: off the top of our heads
Jon Wilde and Simon Lewis — Daily Mail
It’s not “writing” per se — more of an interview really — but a rollicking and revelatory discussion with 3 of the world’s best chefs.

I’m not pregnant. I’m fat
Lucy Cavendish — The Observer
A surprisingly personal and revealing account of a food writer’s struggle with weight gain.

the perfect complement
Shannalee T’Koy — Food Loves Writing blog
Sometimes with food, as in life, the most important things and people are not the ones basking in the spotlight.

Houston Local

A few global food trends Part 1 and Part 2
anonymouseater — Food In Houston blog
A great use of personal travel experiences to explore global food trends related to sustainability and healthy diets.

An Intervention About Food with Myself
Food Princess — Food Princess Reports blog
An interesting parallel to the Lucy Cavendish piece listed above, both authors writing about the same subject with personal intensity, on virtually the same day, but oceans apart.

Houston’s Own Artisanal Gelato
Katharine Shilcutt — Eating…Our Words blog
An in-depth look at why Houston has one of the most diverse culinary scenes in America — if you have the passion and ambition, Houston will supply the opportunity.

If you know of any sources of great food writing, post a comment and let me know. It can be national, international, or local. I’d really like to find individualistic food blogs that reflect the personality and experiences of the blog writer.

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5 Responses to Best Food Writing: January 2009

  1. Shannalee says:

    Hey! Thanks for the shout-out! I feel pretty unworthy in a list amidst NYT and Observer writers, but it does make me feel nice. Thanks!

  2. Houston Foodie says:

    You had me at goofy pink pig. :)

    Seriously, thoughtful combo of personal story, food writing, gorgeous photography and choice of recipe.

  3. Jay Francis says:

    Of the articles that I wrote for the Press last year, I’m kind of partial to the one on Port that Katherine and I co-wrote.



  4. Houston Foodie says:

    @Jay Agreed. The Port post is one of the all time best. And forever celebrated in the “Best Food Writing: December 2008” post.

  5. sheeats says:

    Hehehe. I didn’t “co-write” that article with Jay. He did all the hard work; I just threw a few links in. :)

    Thanks for the gelato shout-out! Marcelo was amazing to sit down and talk with; he’s an extremely inspirational guy and it’s just so obvious that he loves what he does.

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