A Handy Seasonal Food Chart

The busy food writers at the Guardian continue to impress with this simple and comprehensive seasonal food resource.

Seasonal Food Chart

Seasonal menus and seasonal cooking are more popular than ever, which can occasionally challenge even the most dedicated foodie. What should we expect on a seasonal menu? What is traditional, what is provocative? Allegra McEvedy at the Guardian has created a simple, well-designed seasonal food cheatsheet (1.1MB PDF) any foodie can sneak into even the most august of restaurants.

Now if we can only get her to add crawfish (or crayfish as they are more popularly called in the UK) to the Spring Seafood column!

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One Response to A Handy Seasonal Food Chart

  1. Garrett says:

    Great food chart and accurate.Thank you a handy wall reference.

    Garrett Adair


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