My Seafood Shacks Piece in Texas Monthly

Texas Monthly
Texas Monthly – May 2013

I have a piece in this month’s (May 2013) print issue of Texas Monthly magazine entitled “Southeast Texas Seafood Shacks.” Currently, you can only see it if you have a print copy of the magazine, or you can read it online if you are a subscriber. The issue features a lush and expansive guide to the best areas of the Texas Gulf Coast called “The Secret Shore” (again, subscription required).

I was quite honored to be asked by Texas Monthly to write a companion piece about Gulf Coast food, and specifically the Southeast Texas seafood shacks I grew up patronizing and continue to patronize. Southeast Texas is a fascinating and complex place on many levels – historically, culturally, ethnically, politically, geographically. Seafood shacks are just one manifestation of this cultural richness and complexity, and worthy of a longer piece, I hope, sometime in the future.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Texas Monthly magazine has been on my family’s coffee table for as long as I can remember. So having a published piece in Texas Monthly is personally meaningful for me. Thanks to Pat Sharpe, Kate Rodemann, and Jake Silverstein for the opportunity.

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