Photo Gallery: Trip to Austin, Texas

A quick weekend trip to Austin yielded riches of barbecue at the new John Mueller BBQ and an epic upscale dinner at Foreign & Domestic.

Click on individual photos to see a larger version.

John Mueller BBQ

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Foreign & Domestic

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2 Responses to Photo Gallery: Trip to Austin, Texas

  1. RL Reeves Jr says:

    Those are some good pictures. These are interesting times in Austin barbecue. It’s good to see somebody in town putting out Franklin caliber barbecue without the two hour lines.

    We keep waiting for Mueller to explode and show the old, hot headed side of his nature but he’s been very temperate so far.

    We’re still guessing he’s going to lay into somebody sooner than later.
    Long form review of his new joint here:

  2. J.C. Reid says:

    We had a great time at JMueller BBQ. I thought the brisket was top-notch CTX barbecue. I wasn’t a big fan of the ribs – chewy – and the sausage on this day was almost inedible – undercooked so that the casing was hard to chew through. But we were the first ones there so maybe he pulled them off to early. So I can’t put him on par with Franklin yet but he can only get better.

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