Mayhaw! Yams! Honey!

Mayhaw, Yams, Honey!, originally uploaded by houstonfoodie.

I’m a sucker for roadside produce markets.

This one exists on I-10 between Beaumont and Houston at the Anahuac exit. I suppose it’s been here off-and-on for the last 5-10 years. It is definitely the biggest it’s ever been.

The produce is mostly mass-produced, with some local strawberries and honey. The quality of the produce is excellent. I imagine this market serves and important role in the community — there’s probably not a real supermarket within a 100 miles of this location.

I picked up some Louisiana Beauregard Yams and some paper shell pecans. Both very good.

Stop by if you are headed east on I-10.

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2 Responses to Mayhaw! Yams! Honey!

  1. Joe White says:


    you know of anyplace to find Mayhaw jelly in Houston?

    Nitpick: if it is between Beaumont & Houston, then it is less than 100 miles to a supermarket, since it is 83 miles from downtown Beaumont to downtown Houston.

  2. lallison says:

    Have you tried Kroger or HEB? Both usually have specialty jams. The HEB by my house has it right by the produce on split timber shelves. I think I've seen it several places.

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