New Foodie Destination: Lone Star Culinary

This self-proclaimed “spice market” is a great new resource for Houston’s foodie culture.

Lone Star Culinary

Lone Star Culinary
2503 Link Rd. (at Airline, across from Canino’s)
Houston, TX 77009

So I was walking back to my car at Canino Market this weekend and glancing across Airline Drive my eye caught the words “spice market.” For a foodie, the words “spice market” are always a good sign. Visions of frankincense and myrrh, Marco Polo and the spice road, the Grand Bazaar in Instanbul, spice-laden camel caravans in Yemen all come to mind. OK, this wasn’t quite so romantic, but Lone Star Culinary, as this spice market is called, is a great new destination for vicarious foodie travel.

Lone Star Culinary

Once inside, one whole wall of the store is given over to powdered spices. It’s an impressive lineup. The store has only been open for about a month so some of the containers have yet to be filled, but the breadth and depth of this spice collection is great.

Lone Star Culinary

The opposite wall of the store is home to an encyclopedic collection of dried herbs, spices and teas. What wall space that’s left over is filled with a flat screen TV tuned to the Food Network. Nice touch.

Lone Star Culinary

The center of the store has shelves containing interesting foodie gewgaws and knickknacks, many of an Hispanic and Mexican-American variety.

I encourage all my fellow Houston Foodies to patronize Lone Star Culinary. This is a great addition to the Houston Foodie scene.

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7 Responses to New Foodie Destination: Lone Star Culinary

  1. Shannon says:

    Cool. Thanks. Shannon (aka Shabaks Kitchen)

  2. anankae says:

    OMG. I was just there. Was quite an accident how we got there. Originally looking for Penzey’s which had the wrong address on their website(thanks a lot, Penzey’s), so not suprisingly we didn’t find it. We gave up after a comedy of errors (during which I was horrified when my bf turned the wrong way onto Shepherd).

    To make a long story short, on the way back from the spaghetti lunch (which is another story in itself) my bf spotted this spice shop! I had my doubts cause I haven’t been able to find savory anywhere in a couple years, but they had savory! And a whole bunch of other neat stuff. Now if they only had spice grinders, it’d be the perfect place!

  3. Houston Foodie says:

    shannon-I’ve duly added your wonderful blog to my blogroll.

    anankae-I was planning on going to penzey’s this week, i’ll call ahead for the address!

  4. anankae says:

    Unless I’m going crazy, I could swear they changed it. When I first looked for Penzey’s, they had it listed on 20th street. Now it says 19th. Do let me know if you find it.

  5. danhole says:

    Is Canino’s up and running again? I had hear they were heavily damaged due to Ike and had shut down for awhile.

    Can’t wait to check out this new spice place. For those of you looking for Penzey’s, it’s on 19th past shepherd, close to the Hospital there, and right in the hub of all the cool shops. Same strip center as Collina’s.

  6. Houston Foodie says:

    Canino’s is now set up and open in the smaller “barn” next door to the original one, which they appear to be working on.

  7. Heidi says:

    Just had my first serious spice experience at Lone Star Culinary. It was thrilling! Gathered everything we need for our Thanksgiving Feast. I linked to you in my latest post (

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