Link Feast: 11.28.08

Gordo has been making waves (more than usual) across the pond this past week. Anyone surprised by this?

Gordon Ramsay’s sly trysts – The newspaper exposé that started it all. Gordo hearts Rupert. More from Rupert.

There are three people in this marriage – Detailed account of Gordo’s intertwined family and business dealings.

The repercussions of Gordon Ramsay’s alleged affair – Will Gordo’s domestic shortcomings effect his business? No! I decided.

Affairs don’t have to mean the end – While every other Brit media outlet is in a tizzy over the possible downfall of the Gordo’s biz empire, the Liverpool Echo has the audacity to consider Gordo’s marriage and family. Quaint.

Gordon Ramsay Holdings – Nice website.

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