Foodie Movies: 301/302

Back in 1995 the “foodie movie of the year” was a little flick called Big Night. Or was it?

That same year, another foodie movie was produced in South Korea. It was called 301/302. The fact that both are foodie movies produced in 1995 is, I can assure you, the only similarity between these films.


With regard to 301/302, I don’t even know where to start. This is not a warm-and-fuzzy feel-good movie. It is not a date movie. You will laugh during this movie, but not because it is funny. This movie is best watched after drinking several glasses of wine. This is a difficult and disturbing film that only the most dedicated foodie-movie buff should watch. If rated in the US, it would most likely be NC-17. You’ve been warned.

Plot-wise, this is a movie about two women who are obsessed with food in different ways and for different reasons. Beyond that, I really can’t describe the movie any further without giving it away.

Did I like this movie? I did, if only for the fact that it is so completely unexpected, original, and uncompromising. On the downside, I’ll never eat Korean food again.

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